Everyone should know how they create their life

We teach the process of how you create your life.

Our values are

Respect and Fairness

Respect for oneself and equally for others.


Awareness of our choices and their consequences.


Ability to look after oneself, then others.


Ask lots of questions.

Positive Pyschology

Underpins best education.


Remember to always have a laugh.

Why do our online course?

If you want to build confidence to achieve your dreams and be more resilient, doesn’t it make commonsense that you know the parts of the process of how you create your life?

If you are not getting what you desire, and don’t know where to turn, what else are you going to do about it?

Make a real decision, be proactive and act now – come and do our very simple online course – it has been designed for you.

My Life Today


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    My life today's secret equation

    How we all create our life

    In these self-paced early intervention courses, you will learn the process of how you create your life.

    Developed by life experts for early intervention

    At My Life Today, we have over 50 years of collective experience helping people make that shift from living an anxiety-filled, troubled life to a more empowered one. We help you recognise that you have a choice – to throw your hands up in frustration and despair or forge ahead with grit and stay strong for yourself and those who care about you. It’s easier than you might think!

    Our experts have been chosen based on their expertise and ability to put this great formula in to practice. Still not sure? We show you the process and show you how your life can take-off! You deserve to know.